Member's Guide

Member's Guide

Thank you for being a member of Grampound Road Cricket Club! We are delighted to have you as a Roadie!

This page is your guide to membership at our club. If you are new to the club, check out the Getting Started tab first.

If you have any questions, please ask your our Membership Secretary using the link below.


  • Getting started is to help you get oriented at your club
  • What to expect at Grampound Road CC - how the club supports you, our members
  • What we expect from our members - as a non-profit organisation we rely on the support of members to keep the club running.
  • For Parents/Guardians - this is to help introduce you and your youngster to the club
  • How do we spend your membership fees? - explains how the club committee spends membership income.
  • Club Rules and Policies - how the club operates, including our Constitution, together with our governance documents
  • Safeguarding - providing a safe environment for all

How to get started at Grampound Road CC

After becoming a Roadie you''ll want to:

Find out "what's on" at the club:

  • the Home Page has all of the most important information relevant to the club
  • the Club Calendar (and Club Page on our Teamo app) shows all club fixtures and social events
  • the News Page shows the latest updates and news - including match reports
  • Notifications in Teamo give you prompts for what's coming up

Get assigned to a Team and meet your Captain:

  • if you're not assigned to a team in Teamo, ask the Membership Secretary or Director of Cricket for help
  • you can be assigned to more than one team on Teamo
  • introduce yourself to your Captain and discuss your playing role

Meet your team mates at training

  • meet your team mates, improve your fitness and hone your skills at training.
  • check out your Team's own page on the website

Get your playing kit and shirt number

  • order your personalised playing shirt with your number ASAP - it can take several weeks to arrive
  • shirts are normally purchased where multiple members have placed orders (the same with jumpers) but other items can be ordered individually too. The club occasionally has a small number of stock shirts and jumpers available for purchase in limited sizes.

Register on PlayCricket (The ECB's Game Management System)

  • If you're going to be playing any matches, you MUST register on PlayCricket
  • If you're transferring from another club, your old club will need to contact PlayCricket to approve your transfer.

If you have any queries regarding PlayCricket registration or your transfer from another club please speak to our PlayCricket coordinator using the contact below or alternatively our Membership Secretary.

What you should expect at Grampound Road CC

The club will:

Live up to its stated Aims and purpose

Our full Aims and purpose can be found on our Club's Aims and Values page.

In a nutshell it is to promote a supportive, social & family environment for all to learn and play cricket at all levels.

Adhere to its Values

Our Club Values are: Enjoyment, Respect, Inclusivity, Integrity and Ambition

Provide competitive and social cricket for all

We have 4 Men's Teams, 1 Women's Team and an Evening League team alongside our 4 Boys and Girls Junior Teams, all of which play in various League, cup and national competitions.

Foster a social club environment through events

We have a full social calendar to suit all of our Members and wider community. We start with the club's Get Set Day in April and finish with our End of Season Awards Ceremony. Not to mention the regular Quiz Night every month. There is sometimes a modest charge for social events to cover costs and make a small profit towards club income.

Spend the Club's income wisely

We aim to keep membership and match fees as low as we can so your Committee manages our income and costs closely. We put lots of effort into fundraising too from the Club being the only licensed establishment in the village to grant income and fundraising events.

Provide coaches and training for all Members

Coaching and training costs are significant but we believe Members value the training and coaching we offer. The investment the Club makes in this area ensures that we have a thriving club at the forefront of Cornish Cricket for the future.

Listen to feedback and engage with its Members

We welcome feedback on how to improve the club in any way. Please get in touch with a Committee Member via Teamo chat if you have any feedback. We also encourage our Members to have their say in regular Member Surveys.

For more information please contact our Chairman.

What your club expects from you

The lists below is aimed primarily at Senior members, but we welcome our Junior members and their parents/guardians taking part in any aspect of the club too. For example many of our juniors and parents take part in our Get Set Days and helping out at non-Club fixtures at our ground e.g. Premier T20 Finals Day, for which we are very grateful.

The Club expects Members to:

We have high standards of Conduct by which we expect all members to abide.

Use Teamo actively

Teamo has already made a huge difference to the club and members. Please update your availability at least 3-4 weeks ahead of time to help your captain. And check Teamo frequently for updates on social events, fixtures and training.

Attend training regularly and be available for as many matches as possible

We all lead busy lives and there are some life events that mean attending training or being available for matches is not possible. However, the Club expects its Members to try to attend training as often as is possible and make themselves available for as many matches in the season. Not only does it mean that you can work on your game but it also helps to improve other playing members of the Club. By having more members present at each of these it can also help build the community feel of the Club itself.

Support Social Events at the Club

As Members will be aware from the "How do we spend your Membership Fees" tab, Membership income is a very small slice of the total income generated by the Club. Without Social Events, external Fixtures being played at Grampound Road or our bar being open throughout the week there would not be a Club for you to play at. We therefore ask that Members support the many Social Events that are put on throughout the year by the Club. This can be through attendance or by volunteering to help.

Suggest Club Sponsors or Partners

We are always on the lookout for sponsors to partner with the Club as they provide an important income for the Club. Please put us in touch with local businesses you know and our Sponsorship Committee will do the rest.

Register for EasyFundraising

EasyFundraising raises funds for the club whenever you buy online through 1,000s of regular online stores and it costs you nothing extra!

For Parents or Guardians of Members

As parents or guardians of a Member, you may not be a formal member but we consider you as part of the Grampound Road Cricket Club "family".

One of our Club Values is AMBITION and that includes fostering the growth of your youngster as a cricket player, a team member and a person. We take pride in helping our juniors progress through the Club ranks and into our senior sides - to the highest level. We hope you will help the club along the way!

Safeguarding is also a club commitment - see the Safeguarding tab on this page.


  • Do as many of the things in the "What your club expects from you" as you can - including supporting social events, suggesting sponsors and registering with EasyFundraising. Every small contribution is important.
  • As a parent/guardian you automatically join the Club as a Social Member. This Membership can be upgraded to a Vice Presidency which supports the Club financially as well as giving you access to exclusive Club Rewards.
  • Encourage your youngster to stay after an adult fixture. It is totally normal in the cricket world for juniors to take part in adult games once they are skilled enough. If your youngster is taking part in adult fixtures, please encourage them stay after the game rather than collecting them the minute a match ends. The Club prides itself on its social and welcoming atmosphere and all Roadies are welcome at any point. Usually there will be a themed food night happening or a Social Event and it's a chance to relax with teammates (and opposition), talk about the game and enjoy each other's company. We make sure that your youngsters get lots of encouragement and support. Staying for a period of time after the game is an important opportunity to get to know the team and wider Club Members and develop their social skills.
  • Give your youngster access to use Teamo if they are capable but please help them be responsive and proactive in using it e.g. putting in availability a few weeks in advance.
  • Come along and support your youngster from the sidelines. You are very welcome to take a seat on the terrace, watch from the sidelines and even come along to away matches.
  • Get involved: if you would like to be involved in the club in any large or small way, or have ideas which could benefit the club in any way - please talk to us.

How the club spends Membership income

As a responsible sports club it is the Committee's intention to keep membership fees and match fees (if applicable) as low as possible for Members. The Club in fact, froze Membership Fees for the 2023 season. The rationale of keeping fees as low as possible is to enable and encourage participation in the game which is the sole Purpose of Grampound Road Cricket Club. Due to the club making a loss in the 2022/2023 financial year, the Committee has voted to slightly increase Membership Fees and Match Fees for the 2024 season. We recognise the struggle that households are experiencing at the current time, however, in order for the club to survive long term Membership Fees have had to increase. We have kept these to a minimum with the aim of avoiding being an additional burden on households.

It is important to note that Membership Fees and Match fees only make up a small fraction of the Club's income. The total Membership Fees and Match Fees collected in the 2023 season did not cover the cost of the Club teams playing in 2023 (pitch preparation, competition entry fees etc). This is before Clubhouse running costs, maintenance, utilities, rent and rates etc are considered.

Membership fees and Match Fees contribute towards:

  • Cornwall Cricket League, Cup and National Competition entry fees
  • Rent of cricket grounds
  • Club insurance
  • Utilities e.g. council tax, electric, phone, internet, Sky TV etc.
  • Training and coaching costs
  • Grounds preparation - equipment, maintenance and consumables
  • Club systems - bar transaction fees, website, Teamo subscription
  • Membership of the Association of CASCs - for compliance with HMRC
  • Kit purchases e.g. balls, training kit etc
  • Incidental expenses e.g. first aid kit, clubhouse maintenance
  • Reinvestment into the Club - e.g. new nets for 2023

Based on 2023, an average playing Member paying an annual subscription would, after costs directly associated with hosting games (such as ball costs), contribute £1.70 per game across the season towards the running costs of the Club. This is excluding grounds preparation costs which were double the cost of the excess Membership sums. This means that for 2023 the Club subsidised each Member around £37.50 each simply to put league cricket matches on. Without other sources of income such as sponsorship, social events and, most importantly, bar income, the Club would not be able to survive.

Kit prices pay for:

  • Just your kit, at the lowest price we can supply it to our Members from our supplier
  • The club doesn't make any profit when you buy kit through the club.

Why do we need to do fundraising too?

  • Membership Fees and Match Fees are not enough to cover all our costs and are certainly not enough to have money to reinvest in the Club and our facilities.
  • The Club therefore needs to raise additional funds through social events, sponsorship and EasyFundraising otherwise Membership Fees and Match Fees will have to increase.

Club Rules and Policies

As part of your Membership you will be required to follow Grampound Road Cricket Club's rules and policies. These are found below. Upon becoming a registered Member on Teamo you will be sent a Welcome Email containing links to all of our Club policies, together with those external bodies' Rules and Policies that you will also need to adhere to (such as the Cornwall Cricket Board and the ECB). We expect all of our Members to familiarise themselves with these policies.

Grampound Road CC's Code of Conduct

  • GRCC Code of Conduct and Disciplinary policy.pdf

ECB and Cornwall Cricket


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